Maintaining Website Performance through a Redesign with a Little Help from SEO

We understood we could chip away at their UX while staying aware of their rankings and authority, so we set out to work.


Plan and headway exercises can inconceivably deal with the introduction of your site, further foster your customer experience, and lift your changes and pay as well. Associations that run eCommerce undertakings are powerless before customer lead, and there are a couple of things that customers can't stand.

A bit of these things are defenseless checkout experiences, site plan that isn't useful for straightforward course, vulnerable thing imagery, and nonattendance of brand blend. That is a minuscule summary of things that eCommerce customers can't stay overall, anyway it makes a strong point.

There are two typical ways to deal with fix these issues if your digital marketing company in Bangalore. One way is to move to a phase that offers the fundamental, neighborhood value that will deal with these experiences. The other is to work with the stage you as of now have and go through some arrangement and progression to chip away at the lacking features of your site.

There are benefits and disadvantages to both, yet one typical issue those eCommerce associations face notwithstanding is that their impressions and traffic are both inclined to persevere through a shot in the wake of a movement or an arrangement and improvement project. Here at Citiesagencies, we hear these genuine concerns from veritable customers continually. Questions like "Will my traffic or authority drop if I take on an overhaul and progression project?" are regular.

Really, they can; yet the truth is moreover that, as we are uncontested eCommerce SEO subject matter experts, there are ways to deal with keep your traffic, impressions, authority, and dynamic clicking factor predictable during and following an update. Here's the way we did it for Divinity Clergy Wear.

Further creating UX with Design and Development

Faithfulness Clergy Wear is a retailer of authoritative articles of clothing, pastorate shirts, and other such ornamentation. While it might seem, by all accounts, to be a prisoner market with little contention, this isn't the circumstance, and the market for what appears to a large portion of us like dark pieces of clothing is incredibly noteworthy.

What that meant for Divinity Clergy Wear is that they ought to have been not kidding with their online presence to drive traffic, manufacture bargains, and create as a business overall. They were by then on ECommerce, a phase that is a prominent, extraordinary option for eCommerce experiences in light of its comparability with a variety of pariah applications, SEO all around arranged development, high security, speed and uptime, and various components impacting the UX of eCommerce locales.

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ECommerce is extraordinary everything being equal, yet it might be worked on much with a little help from some skilled fashioners and planners. To be express, Divinity Clergy Wear was overseeing what was sufficiently a practical now confined developing site plan that was not improved for customer experience. Specifically, they experienced issues with inside dynamic guest clicking rate, skip rate, and meeting length. They understood they required another site plan with more present day, appealing imagery, a more raised degree of brand compromise, and better helpfulness, anyway they were stressed over the impact it would have on their traffic, rankings, and authority.

As you can see from the already, then, at that point afterward picture underneath, their more exceptional site isn't simply more present day, it is genuinely charming, more included, and truly captivating. The thing imagery is improved, their logo is invigorated, and the overall feel of the site is truly inviting and reassuring. We even advanced custom banners for their greeting page plan that display their redesigned thing imagery and cause it to appear more precise, more sensible, and more pleasing.

The above picture intertwines a huge load of negative space, and remembering that their thing imagery is new and special, it doesn't have the finesse, clever laying out that our draftsmen made for the finished point of arrival, underneath.

These things influence the habits wherein customers associate with Divinity Clergy Wear's picture, yet they are somewhat helpful, and here at Citiesagencies, we care about substance. While we made a custom ECommerce plan for their new site that was beautifully fulfilling, we made sure to arrangement and cultivate a couple of features that would emphatically influence their customer experience to grow their in everyday, not really set in stone to fabricate time on page and inside dynamic clicking factor.

The pursuit convenience of their old site was confined; it contained no request bar, simply a uber menu that, while it was immaculately coordinated, was unintuitive and included only of words. It's clearly a fact's that extraordinary imagery fabricates explore and changes, along these lines we revived their uber menu plan with fantastic photos of their things. In an industry where words like "Cassock," "Surplice," "Gowns" and other elite terms are ordinary just as relentless, including pictures is a significant backer for experience and changes.

Consider the going with screen catch of their old and new uber menus looked at digital marketing agency in Chennai. The old menu was more unobtrusive, text-profound (believe it or not it contained just substance), and impressively more difficult to investigate. Our invigorated arrangement features engaging thing imagery that isn't just less complex to investigate; the photographs fill in as a brief for the people who don't have a clue what they are looking for or who required a visual advertiser to push them along. A picture says 1,000 words, taking everything into account, and there isn't space for 1,000 words on most super menus.